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May, 2011 Travel

Megha Shenoy visited Science and Technology Counsellor, Embassy of Switzerland & International Finance Corporation to faster collaboration between ROI and these premier institutions.,

May, 2011 Travel

Megha Shenoy visited Foundation for MSME clusters to start a collaborative project on Environmental Analysis of Cluster of Foundries in Samalkha, Haryana.

May, 2011 Organizing Symposium

Megha Shenoy visited Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore to discuss about Energy & Development Symposium to be held in November 2011

May, 2011 Travel

Megha Shenoy visited Science and Technology Counselor, Embassy of Switzerland & International Finance Corporation to foster collaboration between ROI and these premier institutions.

April, 2011 Outreach Partner

ROI has partnered with GIREM (Global Initiative for Restructuring Environment and Management) for its outreach activities. ROI is now GIREM’s research partner. GIREM has been at the forefront in creating platforms to facilitate thought-sharing, exchange of ideas, knowledge and expectations in key areas related to infrastructure, urban planning, and environment issues to capture the business expectations, by bringing together all the important stakeholders of urban development and real estate in the country. The goal of this partnership is to implement strategies recommend by ROI’s research for optimizing resource flows in the Indian context.

April, 2011 Internship

Mr. Mathieu Kauffmann, a student from Chimie ParisTech, France joins ROI to do an internship on a cluster of foundries in Samalkha, Haryana. Mathieu Kauffmann has followed a course on Industrial Ecology at TU Delft University, Netherlands and a training with Ecoinvent on Life Cycle Inventory. The study will be carried out with the help of the Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC). It includes a Resource Flow Analysis, creating a Life Cycle Inventory as well as a study on foundry wastes. It will also assess the feasibility of making bricks out of slag.

March, 2011 ROI mentors students at Yale University, USA

ROI and its staff will mentor three students from the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University for their Masters Industrial Ecology project. This project is to develop a Comprehensive Business Plan for Manufacturing Biodegradeable Plastic in India. The project will result in a brief overview of packaging materials in India, a summary of the current state of biodegradable plastics globally, and a more detailed economic comparison of the technologies available for manufacturing biodegradable plastic including local and global market opportunities.

March, 2011 Workshop

ROI representatives attended a workshop on recycling plastic packaging waste. This workshop was organized by Simplysustain, Hindustan Unilever and the Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bengaluru

March, 2011 Conference

ROI representatives attended the Conference on Urban Ecology 'Managing Our Environment'. The conference was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

March, 2011 Internship

Mr. Frédéric Andreae joins ROI to complete a 6 months internship for his master thesis in Information Systems at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He will be conceptualizing, implementing and launching an online resource exchange platform for companies. The platform will foster, support and catalyze industrial symbiosis in India by creating an intelligent information hub and a trustworthy community for companies to setup resource/waste exchange agreements.

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